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Please review the following sample English to Russian translation by Andrei Sedliarou, certified Thai, Russian, English, Belarusian (Belarussian, Byelorussian) translator & interpreter, voice-over talent, and desktop publisher in Bangkok, Thailand. Please feel free to contact me for a short sample translation demonstrating my outstanding skills and high level of professionalism.

English (Source)

200,000 mt of Russian fuel oil contaminated with H2S

The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) contamination scare that has affected at least 200,000 mt of Russian fuel oil since mid-May continues to overhang the European high sulfur fuel oil market, traders reported Tuesday. Sources said that river barges carrying fuel oil into St. Petersburg from inland refineries are still showing higher-than-acceptable levels of H2S, although not all the product is contaminated. Barges arriving at St. Petersburg over the last month have been showing a H2S content of up to 20 parts per million, whereas the Vopak terminal in Rotterdam will not usually allow more that 5 ppm of H2S and 2 ppm is considered the maximum acceptable level in bunker fuel. Most of the contaminated product so far has been transferred onto bigger ships and taken to Asia, said traders, noting that the month-long journey should be enough time to treat the contamination with chemicals.

The initial problem in mid-May was traced to the Ufa refinery at the foot of Urals, but at least one other refinery, at nearby Samara, has also been affected since. One source said that condensates from a batch of Kazakhstan crude had caused the problem, but this could not be confirmed. Traders are uncertain as to the full extent of the problem but, noting that Ufa alone exports something like 600,000 mt of fuel oil over the summer season, the impact could be significant, although it’s generally agreed that the situation is rapidly improving. “It’s fair to say that the H2S is still an issue for the market but becoming less of a concern,” commented one trading source.

Romania’s Petrom plans new bond issue

Romania’s state-run Petrom is awaiting approval from the ministry of public finances to launch a Eur 150-mil ($128-mil) bond issue, to help finance crude imports and oversea operations, a ministry official said Tuesday. The bond placement, which is not guaranteed by the ministry, might be launched next week, and most likely, it will be over-subscribed, Petrom officials said. On Monday, Romania raised Eur 600-mil in bonds from international capital markets, with an interest of 10.6%, the maturity term being 7 years. The credit rating for Petrom from Fitch IBCA and Moody’s Agencies is equal to that of Romania. The bond issue is intermediated by ING Barings and ABN Amro banks.

Russian (Target)

Please note that although Belarusian is the correct spelling of the language name, other versions, such as Belarussian or Byelorussian are also used sometimes.
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