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Russian Translation & Interpreting Services in Thailand

Translation Services – Russian, Thai, English & Belarusian

Russian translation service by skilled Russian translator & interpreter in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Samui Island, Koh Chang, Krabi and other provinces)
Technical translation agency expertise and quality at affordable professional freelance translator rates!


Translation & Interpreting Services, Voice-Over, DTP in Bangkok, Thailand Rates & Discounts

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Please select your language: English Перевод с тайского, переводчик, представитель в Таиланде (русский) Беларуская แปลเอกสาร ล่าม เรียนรัสเซีย (ภาษาไทย)
Translation from $0.06 per word, interpreting from $20 per hour! Please ask for details.
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Translation agency quality at freelance translator rates

My main language pairs in translation are English to Russian and Thai to Russian. I also translate from these languages to Belarusian (Belarussian, Byelorussian) but the demand for Belarusian translation services is not that high. I do prefer translating into my native languages, Russian and Belarusian. However I can translate into English or Thai if that suits the client and the document can be edited/proofread by a native translator.

I am always looking for long-term, regular cooperation when I become a part of your core team of language professionals. If you can provide a guaranteed workload, my rate can be up to 35% lower getting you a 35% discount off the basic rate! I am open to discuss the specific terms and I offer flexible pricing policy to my clients.

So, along with excellent quality, I offer affordable and competitive rates and discounts for big projects and long-term cooperation. Get translation agency professionalism at reasonable freelance translator prices!

The rates for translation and interpreting services as well as other related services listed below are for your reference only. The actual rates, fees, and prices may vary from project to project depending on language pair, complexity of the project, terminology research, formatting and quality assurance requirements, turnaround time and other factors. For example, a non-technical translation can be cheaper while technical translation with tight deadline is normally more expensive. Rates can be negotiated in special cases. The final cost can be provided upon submission of your material, requirements and/or other relevant information once I review your material and estimate the job. Please request your free quote or contact me for more information about rates and discounts.

Payment Methods

You can pay in the currency of your choice (normally, US Dollars, Euro, Thai Baht, or even Russian Rubles) based on the current exchange rate at the time of the payment. Service fees and charges can be paid via international or local wire transfer to a bank account in Thailand or using an international money transfer service/system, such as Western Union, MoneyGram, or Coinstar. If we have a chance to meet in person (usually when you use my interpreter services), cash payment is also acceptable. Alternatively, in some cases (for example, if you want to avoid a relatively high transfer fee compared to a small total amount to be paid), it is possible to pay to my representative in the US, Russia (Moscow), or Belarus (Minsk or another city) or use a different payment option as mutually agreed. In any case, you are responsible for covering all applicable transfer/transaction fees and costs.

All rates, fees, and charges below are in US Dollars and subject to change without prior notice. Please note that minimum charges apply for smaller orders. However, regular customers can be exempted from minimum charges.

(Rendering the text in the source language into the target language – Thai, Russian, English, or Belarusian)
From $0.06 per source word or from $20.00 per hour

(Thorough checking of translation against original document, including grammar, style, punctuation, and spelling check and making respective corrections to the translation)
From $0.02 per source word or from $20.00 per hour

(Review of (edited) translation, including minor corrections and checking of the translation against the original document in case of any doubt about accuracy of the translation)
From $20.00 per hour

Voice-Over and Narration
(Professional voice-over services in Russian or Belarusian)
From $25.00 per hour (sound recording studio services are charged extra)

Private or Business Representative Services in Thailand
(Your representative or agent in private matters, business, commerce and trade, search for required information and business partners, consulting, dealing with issues in Thailand, etc.)
As agreed (based on hourly, daily, or monthly rates or commission fees)

(Escort and consecutive interpreting between English, Russian, Thai, and Belarusian – interpreter services throughout Thailand)
From $20.00 per hour (transportation and other related additional expenses are charged extra)

Desktop Publishing (DTP)
(Desktop publisher service – preparation of printed materials in Russian, Thai, English, Belarusian, or another language)
From $5.00 per page

Please note that although Belarusian is the correct spelling of the language name, other versions, such as Belarussian or Byelorussian are also used sometimes.
Urgent translation! 4 to 24 hour turnaround. Request your free quote or call for details now.
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